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Cutting edge scan services

XRE offers dedicated professional X-ray CT inspections services to both industry and academia. Our tools and expertise enable industrial customers to tackle challenges in every step of their product life cycle.

Research & Development

We offer complete characterization and validation of prototypes. Internal, complex material properties can be obtained for reverse engineering or design iterations. Existing laboratory test procedures can be validated because of the non-destructive nature of X-ray CT.

Production and quality control

Inaccessible structures can be measured in high resolution. Complete part inspection reduces after sales support and failures
in the field. Sustainable production can only be achieved when all structural parameters are captured before and after production.

After sales support and failure analysis

Crucial insights on why a part failed can be directly obtained. Complex problems are often associated with structural deformation below the surface and thus require non-destructive 3D information.

More than 10 years of expertise doing X-ray CT inspections for various industries

what about your material?

Markets and materials

Our X-ray CT inspection expertise expands over a vast range of sectors and materials. Different sectors often have the same research question although they work with discrepant materials.

As an example, our built up expertise in analysing pore size distributions and connectivity in a tight sandstone for the oil and gas sector can be expanded to similar porosity calculations in a bread crust to obtain relevant insights in the taste experience of the consumer.

X-ray computed tomography

By imaging your sample with X-rays, we are able to look inside without actually opening your product. The complete 3D volume can be reconstructed in high resolution and both surface and internal structures can be analysed.

In general, a sample is placed in-between an X-ray source and detector. By rotating the sample over 360° while taking radiographs, 2D information is obtained in all direction. Afterwards, all radiographs are reconstructed to obtain cross-sections. In a final step, all the cross-sections are rendered to reveal the inside of the object.

bottle x ray slice
in contrast to light, X-rays have the ability to penetrate your product.