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merge xre inside matters

XRE: A new alternative in 3D X-ray imaging

Today we are delighted to announce XRE: A new alternative in 3D X-ray imaging, resulting from the merger of XRE and Inside Matters, two spin-offs from the Ghent University Centre for X-ray Tomography (UGCT).
At XRE, we are dedicated to offering dynamic solutions for your lab.

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flesdop xre xray scan

Difficulties to obtain relevant insights for your material?

Most techniques to look inside a product or material are destructive or do not provide relevant direct information. If you want to check the internal structural integrity such as closing or sealing structures, distribution of particles or different layers, you cannot open the material...

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x ray slice bread

Bread, not sliced, but 3D analysed

Zeelandia, one of the leading enterprises in the bread and bakery sector, joined forces to gain insights into the 3D structure of bread.

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composite bicycle front fork

Composite bicycle front fork

Innovative and lightweight composite materials are being used in the most demanding and challenging environments. Understanding and visualizing the internal structure of these composites in production and after intense usage is key to improve these high end materials. Early on detection of defects in production can help to finetune the production process and prevent potentially dramatic failure in the field. Monitoring the fatigue of the composite material during intense usage makes it possible to improve the design for the next generation of composites.

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